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Time for a TAX FREE Retirement TUNE UP! Your 401k and IRA are PASSE!

Are you one of the many who have bought into the 401K Fairytale? You know the one about how easy and secure it is to save for your retirement using traditional methods like the 401K, IRA or 403b? Well...That's not exactly the case. Most people that are contributing to these types of retirement programs, have no idea why they are doing this, and even less of an idea as to how these vehicles work, their historic performance, fees, conditions, or the real costs and risks that accompany these savings options.

People get blinded by tax DEFERRED aspect, which is NOT an advantage, as they WILL be taxed HEAVILY when they are REQUIRED to start receiving distribution. This fact actually causes the total taxes paid to INCREASE, since they are being taxed on a higher amount! Would you rather pay taxes on $100 dollars or on $100,000 dollars? Something else to consider is the fact that if there is a need to access the money in these accounts, the account owner will be taxed for early withdrawal in addition to paying interest on the loan. Who…wants to pay interest on a loan from THEMSELVES? These types of accounts don’t provide any GUARANTEES when it comes to your money…PERIOD! These accounts basically always lose money in one way or another, due to the fact the funds are invested in various types of stocks and bonds in various business sectors without any input from the account owner. Most people just put in money and HOPE. It all works out with the help of the GREAT RETIREMENT GOD! Thanks to the many breakthroughs in medicine and technology, we as humans are living longer, and this means there is a need for more money to sustain a certain standard of living. I say that to point out the very real possibility of outliving the funds in a 401K or other traditional retirement account. These accounts are also vulnerable to LAWSUITS, DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS, PROBATE, and INHERITANCE TAXES!

Emily Brandon the Senior Retirement editor of US NEWS reports the following in regard to the 401K: “401(k) plans offer a limited menu of investment options. The funds are often jointly chosen by the employer and the 401(k) plan's service provider. Service providers are often mutual fund companies that include many of their own funds in the investment lineup” (Conflict of Interest?)

Most 401(k) plans include funds that are affiliated and unaffiliated with the plan's service provider. A recent analysis of U.S.. Securities and Exchange Commission 401(k) data from 1998 to 2009 by the Pension Research Council at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School found that there is significant favoritism toward affiliated funds in 401(k) plans. 
Why? Would anyone choose to risk their retirement in this way? Never having CONTROL over the money that was earned and saved by them?  The answer could be due to the lack of knowledge, fear of some type related to that lack of knowledge, not knowing what options are available to them. Ask yourself this question…”Why would I keep my retirement in an account that could possibly lose half of its value, I cannot access if I need my money, without paying a hefty penalty, and there may not be enough to last my retirement?” The answer to this question should be…”I SHOULDN'T’! And I need to CHANGE IT…NOW!”
What should you do about it? Logic would dictate that you find something that (a) Cannot LOSE money which is deposited into the account. (b) Is TAX FREE upon receipt of payments (c) Can be accessed if the need arises* (d) is not susceptible to lawsuits, divorce decrees, probate or inheritance taxes. (d) Guarantees a lifetime income (e) does not limit how much can be saved in the account. (F) Keeps the owner in control of his funds. Where can this RISK FREE retirement option be found? Does such a retirement vehicle actually exist?

Actually…Most people have already heard of the solution to their 401K PROBLEM, but do not realize it. All of the drawbacks that are part of the traditional retirement savings model can be solved by utilizing ANNUITIES and/or INDEXED UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE (IUL). These savings options EXCEL where the others FAIL! The benefits of using these as your retirement funding sources will give you INCOME FOR LIFE, and in the case of the IUL, additional life insurance coverage which only enhances the already staggering advantages these vehicles provide to the people astute enough to use them.

It is estimated that up to 90% of the owners of traditional retirement accounts do not have any idea as to HOW MANY or the AMOUNT of the FEES they pay monthly in these accounts. They also do not know where their money is being invested, or that their PRINCIPAL is constantly AT RISK! The plan administrators love these accounts, since they are using SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY, Stand to make money when investments profit, AND even if that is not the case, they make money on the numerous hidden fees they charge YOU for using YOUR MONEY! Not a bad deal..RIGHT?  What if you need funds from your account for any reason? The answer to this all too common situation is: You will be forced to take out a LOAN…From YOURSELF! This loan comes with interest added, AND…you will be TAXED on the money you borrow at tax time.
The aforementioned issues are not present when using our state of the art retirement options. We offer people the opportunity to place their funds in a virtually RISK FREE retirement vehicle that is TAX ADVANTAGED, ACCESSIBLE, and LOSS PROOF! There is also the fact that our vehicles offer a life insurance element which benefits your beneficiaries, as well as an INCOME FOR LIFE!
If you are ready to make the SMART MOVE, please contact us fortify your retirement. NOW is the time to UPGRADE YOUR RETIREMENT!  

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